Social Media

How can Social Media help my business? +

Small businesses have two main challenges with marketing; generating more customers and keeping them coming back.

What can social do for your business?

  • When somebody ‘Likes’ your Facebook page, this means they are interested in your business and what you have to say.
  • Communicate with your fans in real time. Got a sale, or special? Post it on your wall, put some advertising behind it and with Social Town’s effective targeting, more people in your target demographic will see your message.
  • Your business has great products and services, but not enough people know about it. Social Media allows your customers to comment and rate your business so that everyone can see what a great job you’re doing.
  • Build up your customer base
    Whenever a fan comments on your page, shares or likes a post, their friends see it too. There is nothing like increased exposure and positive reinforcement to drive new business.

I’ve been told that tracking ROI on Social Media is impossible. Is this true? +

This isn’t true, tracking ROI is determined on what your goals for your business are. Is it exposure, engagement or pushing a promotion?

You can track ROI when it comes to the performance of your Facebook ads. You can run an offer or promotion and track how many people saw it, how many people visited your website or the number of people interacting with your ad.

What businesses need to learn is that advertising on social is much more effective than traditional media such as newspaper and radio.

Think about how much you’ve spent on print in the past, based on estimated circulation numbers alone?

Social Advertising will tell you how many people saw your ad and who acted on your message!

Not only can Social Town target the correct audience, but we can change any creative, target niche markets and allocate advertising dollars according to your goal.

But wait, there’s so much more!

Social Media opens up a whole new world of opportunities for small businesses. Make connections with big business, get customer feedback, conduct market research and grow your email database.

A good indication on business social presence growth is the amount of your fans talking about you. If you’ve got 10% of your fan base talking about you, this means that digital word of mouth is spreading and your business will soon reap the benefits!

Why pay Social Town to do my social, can’t I do it myself? +

Social Town customers are busy doing what they do best – business.

Our customers join Social Town for the following reasons:

  • They know about social, but don’t quite understand it
  • There’s not enough time in their day to run their social presences
  • Facebook advertising is confusing and they are unsure how to get best value for money.
  • They want to stand out, but don’t have the creative know-how on how to do it.
  • Their competitors are doing social very well, and they know they need to start a conversation, but everything they tried hasn’t been working

Anyone can be on social, but getting your message across and keeping your fans talking about your business is the real challenge.

Our social consultants are trained by the best in the business to get the results you want. With marketing backgrounds and years of experience in online & social marketing, you’ll want us to handle your social, not amateurs.

Put simply, to do social effectively requires experience and commitment.

Leveraging the expertise of a social consultant will make managing your Facebook a breeze as Social Town partners with you to understand your business and your customers.

Social Town will create an overall content strategy and provide detailed and engaging content to get people talking about your business. Social Town will work closely with you to help you overcome any challenges and achieve your goals.

You’ll find that Social Town offers the best value packages with the best know how.  We know that there are cowboys out there, and it’s our job to make sure that you get results not excuses.

I don’t think my customers are using social. Isn’t it just teenagers who mainly use social? +

While Generation Y grew up with social, this isn’t reflective of the current age demographics using social in Australia.

It is true that teenagers and Gen Y are the biggest consumers of Social Media. However 60% of 26-60 year olds use Social Media. In fact the biggest growth in usage in Social Media is occurring in the 30-65+ age bracket.

Facebook’s audience is predominantly 18+ and come from all walks of life, just like your customers. Imagine being able to target specific age groups, life events, interests and locations based on your ideal customer profile. With Social Town, we have specialists who can target the right people for your business.

Social Town Packages

What’s the minimum term? +

All Social Town contracts range between a minimum period of 3-6 months.

Is there a Setup Fee? +

Yes, Social Town will invoice you a once off setup fee. All packages require a setup regardless of if you have an established social presence or not.

If you sign up for 12 months we’ll waive your setup fee.

How long until I see results? +

You’ll begin to see results after your first month! Social Town packages are designed to fit with your goals. So whatever your goal, Social Town will get you there, all you need is a little patience and you’ll reap the rewards soon!

What are your credentials? +

Social Town is a social initiative headed up by an Australian based creative agency. We use our big agency experience and funnel it into custom packages that are unique to each industry.

Rest assured your Community Manager is highly trained in Social Media marketing, with all accounts overseen by our team of Social Media executives.

Case studies and examples of our work are available upon request.

How long does it take from signing up to going live? +

Your Community Manager will work wonders, and you’ll be live after 1 month from the date you sign your contract.

Am I able to upgrade to another package at any time? Also is there another setup fee I have to pay? +

You can upgrade to another Social Town package at any time during your contract. You also won’t be charged a setup fee, unless you’re upgrading from our Ads Advantage package to one of our social packages.

Are your prices the lowest out there? +

You may find cheaper options out there, but we can guarantee that you won’t find better value for money than what we can offer at Social Town. We bring ‘big agency’ thinking and process and deliver it to businesses of all sizes.

How much of my advertising budget gets spent directly on Facebook? +

Social Town takes 20% of whatever is your ad budget as an ad management fee. Our ad management fee includes time spent producing creative, images, targeting and monitoring your ads every month. Social Town will always get you the best value for whatever goal you want to achieve.

I’m loving what Social Town is doing for my business, but I want to add another social channel. What’s the upfront cost in doing this? +

We want to maximise your social success and are happy to add additional channels to your package. Social Town has many different options and packages. Some channels start at only $295 per month. We also have industry specific packages that include huge discounts.

I want to advertise more on Social Media. Can I add extra advertising budget to my current package? +

Whatever package you’re on, Social Town can work with you to see what budget best suits your business. If you want to add additional budget, that’s easy.

I want to speak to someone about Social Town. How can I get in contact? +

Head to our “Contact” page and send us an email, we’ll give you a call within 48 hours.

Are my credit card and payment details secure? +

Yes! Social Town uses state of the art encryption software to ensure that your credit details remain private. We guarantee that none of your credit or payment details can be viewed by anyone other than yourself!

Does Social Town keep my personal and business information private? +

Yes! We never sell your personal information to any third parties. What happens in Social Town stays in Social Town!


What are the main differences between reselling and white labelling? +

As a reseller, you just match us with your client and we go from there. Social Town does absolutely all the work, and you collect monthly income for simply introducing us.

When you white label Social Media services with Social Town, we still do the legwork but your business communicates with the client. This means you have to be the middleman, but you can set whatever price you like for our Social Media services to make it worth your time.

How do I promote your services as a white labeller without showing my clients the Social Town site? +

We’ll help you promote our services by providing all the promotional information and collateral your client needs, without our branding. You’re then able to style it to blend in with your usual services in print and online.

What income could I make from being a white labeller? +

That’s up to you! You’re able to mark up the Social Media services however much you want – whether that be 10% or 100%, it’s entirely your choice. Because you handle the account yourself, you need to be able to make the extra work worth your time.